When Happyness Is Right Underneath The Surface

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know that feeling you get when something is right on the tip of your tongue. You’re trying to remember something, maybe a name or a place or a movie you once saw. It’s right there, you know it but it just won’t show itself or come to light. I’m not sure if there’s a scientific name for that place of memory but for the purposes of this article we’ll just call it limbo.

Most of our happyness in life is typically stuck in this limbo-istic area. It’s as if it lies not too deep but not exactly showing but just right underneath the surface. If only we could get to through that one layer, we’d find what we’ve been searching for.

I don’t have any facts or evidence but I’m willing to bet that this is how happyness works for a majority of people. We are all in a scramble to get through that layer. To achieve our dreams, goals, and desires.

But what not everyone understand is that happyness has to be pursued. So even once we reach that first layer, there’s still plenty more to go. The reason we become truly unhappy with our lives or circumstance is when we remain stuck in limbo. Limbo can a nightmare where it always seems like a guy with razors on his hand is trying to get you.

When you have a goal or when you find a purpose it can be tough getting out of limbo and penetrating all those layers. So how do we do it? Corbett Barr recently posted his Plan to Achieve Anything which is a great place to start.

Having Discipline, remaining Focused, and keeping Patience is always my philosophy. All of these concepts are easier said then done but not impossible. I continually have to align my goals with these points. It’s an unwavering battle but a necessary one to reach all the surface layers that are just waiting to be unveiled.


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