Fading Moments of Happyness

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

How many times in your life have you really been happy?

Truly happy moments we remember forever. Those times or instances never seem to fade from our memory. My most recent happy moments was my wedding day and my honeymoon. My wedding day has so far been the happiest day of my entire life and I will remember it as that for as long as I live. My next most happiest time besides that was our honeymoon in Aruba. It was so beautiful, so peaceful, no worries and I was able to be there with the woman I loved.

The wedding day is exactly that, just a day. And the honeymoon lasted 7 days. So I guess the crazy thing is that out of all the days we live I can only recount 8 of them and tell you they were the happyiest days of my life? There’s 365 days in a year and yet I was only happy for 2% of them. KEEP IN MIND THAT WAS ALL IN THE SAME YEAR.

If you ask me there is something definitely wrong with that equation. Sure we’re all happy when we’re kids and things happen. I can probably recall a few of those times as well. But still if you add them all up over the course of the days of your life, will it still be over 2%?

I understand that we can’t be happy 24/7. But there is something seriously wrong if that’s the equation we live by. So I’m asking someone, anyone to try and give me a better looking formula. Can anyone else do some math for me and tell me what they work out?

I’m curious to know.


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